March 5, 2014
by authortest

What Music Editing Software Is All about

Do you remember the old days when recording audio and editing it was so complicated? Not everyone had the equipment needed for such tasks, and buying it could cost you a little fortune. What a difference today! You need a simple computer, a microphone eventually, and some software to edit your musical creations or recorded music.

You do not necessarily need the editing software, unless you are a fan of perfection and want to make your musical pieces sound absolutely great. If you already have a computer and you want to approach the marvelous world of sound editing, audio editing software is what you need. By using it, you will be able to change the sound as you wish.

What You Need for Audio Editing

There is no need to buy sophisticated equipment to have great results in audio editing. Relatively cheap equipment is enough if you have a good audio editing program. It is important that your software have at least the basic functions needed for this task. How you use it will be the real measure of your talent as a sound editor. These basic functions refer to:

  • Creation of audio files;
  • Recording from external sources;
  • Importing audio data;
  • Changing the characteristics of the sound.

Above average audio editing programs offer even more possibilities, such as graphical representations and the possibility of applying filters and special effects. After all, everything is a matter of money. Free applications in this category offer fewer facilities, while paid software offers you the basics to become a star of audio editing quickly. It is your decision whether to buy audio editing software or use freeware products, because you are the one who knows how far you want to go with this passion.

March 5, 2014
by authortest

What to Look for When You Buy Music Editing Software

Buying audio editing software is not so easy, because there are many products of this kind on the market, and most of them are quite similar, at least at a first sight. Whether you work with streaming audio, restore sound files, create audio content for your website, burn a CD with the music of your band, or simply arrange the music collection of your MP3 player, the software you choose has to offer you the necessary functions to perform all these operations. Do not be fooled by offers of free products in this class, because they either have fewer functions, or will ask you for money to benefit from all the facilities.

Criteria to Select the Perfect Audio Editing Software

If you are a beginner in music editing, you should generally prefer products with many preset filters and effects. Advanced users can choose products that offer the opportunity of specific manipulations using a mixer, a high quality equalizer, and various processors. No matter how advanced you are as a user, some criteria could help you choose the right product:

  • Audio editing functions – any software for audio editing should have functions like cut, copy, paste, play, and record, as well as tools like processors, equalizers, mixers, preset filters and effects, analyzing tools like spectrogram and waveform.
  • Filters and effects – preset filters and effects should allow you to create the sound that you want, but you would also need tools like invert, band pass, echo, flange, cross-fade, chorus, reverb, or stretch.
  • Recording and burning – you have to be able to capture audio from different sources, such as files, CDs and DVDs, external audio sources, microphone, or MIDI device.
  • Ease of use – it is important to have well-organized dropdown menus or icons, mouse zooms, unlimited undo levels and right-click edits.
  • Comprehensive help delivered at a decent level, so that even beginners could understand how to use the product.

The software has to be flexible, easy to use and also have an affordable price.

March 5, 2014
by authortest

Audio Editing Software – Why Would You Buy It?

As a music lover, you probably want to have complete control over your music collection, be it music you buy or music you create yourself. To achieve such control, you need music editing software. It will allow you to record, convert, create, edit and restore music using a single interface for all these operations. Do not bother looking for information about how to use such products, because they have a simple and suggestive interface, and you will learn the basic functions in minutes. After that, your way to a pro is open.

Basic Features of Audio Editing Software

The best audio editing products have to allow you do at least the following actions:

  • Create – you can make unique voice or music mixes for a website, an Internet radio station, a PowerPoint presentation, or any other application you need.
  • Edit – you have a range of editing tools, from the classic cut-and-paste to edition and tagging of media information.
  • Restore – you benefit from advanced filters and tools that allow you to restore the sound of damaged audio recordings and aged LPs, filter out static, background or any other kind of noise.
  • Record – your favorite Internet radio stations, podcasts, or other streaming audio can be stored on your computer. Audio and video files, DVDs, and CDs are also sources for your music collection.
  • Convert – convert your file formats according to what player you want to use. You can also convert files like WAV, WMA or OGG to MP3, in order to listen to them on an iPod or other portable device.

To find the best music editing software, visit specialized sites, where you can even find side-by-side comparisons helping you to choose the most convenient product. Analyze their characteristics and choose the software that seems more appropriate to you.